I am Here, See Me

Understanding why you hold a racket not what you can do with a racket.

Jim through his work as a tennis coach, Jimmy's tennis, has developed a support for many others, junior and seniors, boys and girls. The participation on his tennis programme has grown through the openness shown to all. In 2019 Jimmy's tennis was nationally recognised for its disability programme with over 250 participants per week.

Launching a mental health well being programme is based upon Jim’s professional and personal experiences. Many know him as an ex City of London Police Officer but not many know that he has been under mental health care since he was 24 years old, he can’t remember much before he was 14 years old. This affects how he is and why he wants to show fun for all through tennis.

Reconnecting people with an activity over a cup of tea will help where we can, offering support within the community, young and old. A secure safe pathway is also in place to offer trained support if needed.

Frindsbury Tennis Club opens its doors for you every Tuesday 10-12 noon. do pop in, anytime.

We are now seen by 15 local GP services as a valuable place for support, Tea and Tennis with Fitness or Gardening !

Welcome to Tennis for all, we will see you !


Our back up team includes 2 NHS nursing staff, 1 Mental Health nurse and 4 tennis coaches who have passed their Mental Health 1st Aid

Sally at medwaycounselling.co.uk is also a great back up

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Why I hold a racket

Head Coach Jim

I hold a racquet to encourage children to feel better about themselves. To show all, that even if someone has a disability we are together. To create a place where loneliness can be forgotten. To encourage the less active to enjoy the music and play. To encourage parents of competitive children to see who they are, not who the parents want them to be.

Tennis Leader - Ethan

I love playing tennis as it is a great way to relive stress and burn off some energy after a hard day. It allows me to feel positive and happy whilst giving me a huge sense of achievement

Debi - Assistant Coach and full time Nurse

I started playing tenins age 10 with my friends at my local school. These are friends that I still occasionally get to hit a ball with. Sport has always been a big part of my life and especially important to me when I get downtime from my busy nursing career. I always use sport to rebalance my mental health and tennis is an important part of that, whether i'm playing with my friends or family, coaching kids and seeing them achieve that backhand that they've spent all lesson trying to get or the smiles on the parents as they see their kids letting off steam while they get a well earned cuppa on the side of the court. Being outside, breathing in the fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature, shutting off from whatever is making my life stressful at that point and taking it out on a little ball hitting it across court again and again is something that takes some beating.

Rachel - Mum

I mostly play tennis with my young son. I've loved getting back on court again. Playing tennis, being active and outdoors, helps me to switch off from work after a busy day, and clears my head. It's also a great way to connect with other people, on or off court.


Most of the Trainees at Spadework enjoy the regular tennis sessions. They have said, "I like hitting a ball": "I like the sessions with my friends", "I had never played tennis before, it makes me run!"


"I hold a racket because the best way to exercise is having fun. Tennis makes me feel happy"

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